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FlightLog Analyzer Is A MUST Have For MSFS!

"FlightLog Analyzer for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a MUST HAVE as it completely replaces and GREATLY enhances the default flight log! It does SOOOO MUCH!"

Get to grips with your MSFS Logbook using Flightlog Analyzer - View routes on Maps, Delete flights & More

"Flightlog Analyzer allows you to manipulate your MSFS logbook data and visualize your routes in various map formats including LittleNav Map. Delete those unwanted flights. Freeware and Payware options available."
SimHanger Flight Simulation

Virtual Logbook for MSFS2020?! | FlightLog Analyzer First Look and Review

"Today we look at the FlightLog Analyzer which was created as a 3rd party software to review, edit and analyze our logbook entries that is automatically created on MSFS2020!"
Information Alpha

FlightLog Analyzer for MSFS lets you see all your flight history and other logbook data

"Many of you likely have accumulated hundreds or even thousands of hours piloting various aircraft, traversing numerous flight routes, and exploring different countries in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now is the perfect opportunity to delve into this wealth of information and discover more about your flight simulation history with FlightLog Analyzer!"

The release of FlightLog Analyzer brings a logbook with some nifty features for Microsoft Flight Simulator

"FlightLog Analyzer, developed by “2 Guys with a Keyboard,” was recently released for Microsoft Flight Simulator and represents a passion project intended to display all the relevant flight data you might want for those keen on analyzing their flights."

FlightLog Analyzer is a must-have tool for serious simmers looking to get in-depth insights into their flight history

"FlightLog Analyzer offers some very cool insights into your flight history in MSFS. One of my favorite features is the ability to display all my flights on a map, which gives immediate visibility over the regions where I fly the most."

FlightLog Analyzer - MSFS Logbook Tool!

"Watch a review of the FlightLog Analyzer! An amazing MSFS Logbook analyzing and editing tool!"
LEVEL CHANGE by Claudio Fonseca

Flightlog Analyzer - Powerful Flight Log

"Flightlog Analyzer for MSFS allows you to view the entire flight history and other log data. Many of you probably accumulated hundreds or even thousands of hours by piloting various planes, flying through numerous flight routes and exploring different countries at Microsoft Flight Simulator. This extensive data is usually stored in the Microsoft Flight Simulator magazine, which is often ignored and not used enough on your PC."
simFlight  - The main news for fans of air simulators

Esta APP Abre a Caixa Negra do Microsoft Flight Simulator

"O Flightlog Analyzer PRO permite organizar o nosso logbook e ver em detalher todos os voo que fizemos até agora. O Flightlog Analyzer é um autêntico hackeador de caixa negra do MSFS.´Agora já sabemos como aceder aos voos antigos no FS2020."
Travolt Ainda Joga

FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020: FlightLog Analyzer - Organize o Logbook do seu Flight Simulator

"Organize o Logbook do seu Flight Simulator com o FlightLog Analyzer! Conheça essa nova ferramenta para que você possa organizar e visualizar os logbooks do Flight Simulator 2020 de maneira muito mais intuitiva."
Perna do Vento