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We're just 2 Guys with a Love of Simming, a Passion for Aviation, an Idea, and a Keyboard

  • Geno

    Geno has been a career software developer for 30+ years; with experience ranging from Gear-Head Coder to Director of R&D.
    Beginning in the UNIX world, he now specializes in MS-Windows .NET programming, primarily focusing on C, C++, and C# development languages with SQL database back-ends.

    He is also a Private Pilot (since 2007), holding an Instrument Rating, plus Tail-wheel and High Power Endorsements. A Cessna 152 is what he originally got his PPL ticket in, and then received the instrument rating in a Piper Warrior. At present, he has accumulated roughly 1,300 hrs total time in single engine aircraft.

    The aircraft on the webpage backgrounds is his Van's RV-7A. As you can see, some occasional light aerobatics aren't out of the question, in addition to taking cross-country trips in the 200mph RV.

    Combining those skills, developing FlightLog Analyzer was the perfect marriage of all his passions.

    After multiple incremental upgrades, his sim system for Flight Simulator currently includes a Meta Quest 3 VR Headset, an Nvidia 3090 graphics card, and an Intel i9-13900K 3000 Mhz CPU.

  • Fabiano

  • Fabiano is a Brazilian IT and Business Manager, with 25+ years of experience in developing and managing software development teams. He is specialized in web systems, but has a big toolbox of abilities and expertise, and always enjoyed getting his hands dirty in some byte-brushing sessions.

    He was bitten by the aviation bug, flying RC Planes in the 90s, practicing skydiving in the 2010s and moving to FPV quad-copter in later years. He is also a simmer since the 90s, returning to the activity with the release of MSFS-2020.

    After flying for a while, he became enthusiastic about seeing all his flights on a map, and to be able to pick places where he had never flown before. That basic necessity led to the creation of the predecessor to FlightLog Analyzer, called 'MSFS Logbook Exporter'.

    After meeting Geno, they combined their abilities to develop and promote FlightLog Analyzer together. Fabiano was responsible for decoding the original game's logfile and also assumed the role of Product Owner, exploring ideas and organizing the road-map ahead.